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Geo Tunis  is the most important scientific platform in Africa and the Middle East for geographic information systems, remote sensing and geospatial

Geo Tunis  is the best opportunity to meet specialists, experts and users of geomatics technology

Its thirteenth session will be held from March 16 to 20, 2021 in Tunisia

Outline of the 13th session of Geo Tunis

About 1000 experts and academics from many countries, representatives of dozens of international scientific and investment institutions, representatives of international organizations and representatives of African, Arab and international ministries will participate in the conference …

Scientific themes of the conference:

Theme 1: applications of geomatics in the field of health and the fight against epidemics

Theme 2: management of natural and water resources and agriculture

Theme 3: environmental problems, natural disasters, climate change and desertification problems

Theme 4: Applications of the geography of risk in the management of crises and industrial disasters

Theme 5: management of land, real estate, infrastructure and networks

Theme 6: management of tourist areas, sites, historical monuments and archaeological sites

Theme 7: managing industrial zones and energy problems

Theme 8: security and defense

Technical topic: spatial data management standards


Seminar 1: International symposium on the national security strategy after the Corona Covid 19 pandemic

Seminar 2: Applications of geographic information systems (GIS) in health

Seminar 3: Seminar on the applications of geographic information systems and remote sensing in archeology

Seminar 4: International Seminar / The use of drones in the fields of management and development of natural resources

Seminar 5: Water management and agricultural technologies in the Arab world

Seminar 6: The importance of energy recovery in achieving sustainable development

Seminar 7: The role of geomatics in the field of natural and industrial risk management

Seminar 8: The social and solidarity economy and the digital transition

Parallel activities

Workshops will be organized by international institutions and experts.

  • Training courses in the field of geographic infrastructure, geographic information systems and remote sensing.
  • International Exhibition of Geomatics and Space Technologies

Sixth Open Day / Geographic Information Systems Applications for Security

  • The second scientific day for students and departments of geomatics and related sciences

Important dates:

The deadline for acceptance of abstracts for participation 30.01.2021

The deadline for acceptance of the complete works 2/28/2021

The deadline to accept the participation in the presence  03/05/2021