Use of UAVs

International Symposium:

Use of UAVs: Aerial survey and geomatics engineering

Hammamet – Tunisia 20-24 october 2020

Under the organization of the 13th edition of the international symposium on the use of geographic information systems and GEO Tunis which to be held in the city of Hammamet in Tunisia from 20 to 24 october 2020, the Tunisian Association of Digital Geographic Information, in collaboration with the Euro Arab Union on Geomatics organize an international congress on:

Use of UAVs: Aerial survey and geomatics engineering

This international event will take place on 20 to 24 october 2020, and the invitation is addressed to institutions and research centers, researchers and academics to present their visions, experiences and research results; and technological innovations in the use of drones,.

Scientific Topics

  • Platforms, payloads and instruments for photogrammetry and remote sensing,
  • Navigation and position/orientation determination,
  • 3D reconstruction from range sensors,
  • Simultaneous localization and mapping,
  • Sensor and data fusion Monitoring, tracking and change detection,
  • Technology challenges and applications,


Abstract Submission Deadline: 29/09/ 2020

Full research and PPT version: 29/09/2020

Participation Only: 05/10/2020


Tunisian Association of the digital geographic information – T.A.D.G.I –

112 Avenue Radhia Haddad 1001 Tunis, Tunisia

Tel : (00216) 71 245692

Fax: (00216) 71 245 692


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To register in this international conference, please fill in the form and send it by e-mail to:

Or by fax at 71245692 (00216)

Registration Fee:

Participations are in the same conditions as in 12th edition of GEO Tunis Registration Fee Includes:

* Full access to all days of the Forum, including all scientific and technical sessions

* Participation in the opening and closing ceremonies

* Coffee Break

* Publications of the Conference

* Handling Document