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Security Study Day



International symposium

National Security Strategy after the Corona Pandemic

Tunisia 17-18 March 2021

On the occasion of the 13th edition of Geotunis 2020, the International Conference on Geographic Information Systems and Space, the Tunisian Association for Digital Geographic Information, the National Syndicate of Internal Security Forces, the Tunisian Center for Comprehensive Security Studies, the European Union of Geomatics and the International Organization. Comprehensive Security Organizes the International Symposium on: National Security Strategy after the Coronavirus Pandemic

The symposium will also deal with the reality and future of national security after the Corona pandemic and its repercussions, within the main scientific axes related to the concepts and contents of national security. The symposium will cover the following topics:

The first topic: The Environment, Global Climate Change and Health

Health security

Environmental Security

Global climate change and coping mechanisms

The second axis: Natural Resource Security and Risk Management

Water Security

Natural Resources Department

Managing natural and human risks and disasters

The third axis: The Economic, Social and Cultural Dimensions

Economic security and energy challenges

Agricultural and food security

Societal security and elements of stability

Poverty and mechanisms to reduce it

Social integration, education, culture and science

Fourth Topic: Technology and Cyberspace

Cyber ​​security and cybercrime challenges

Technological development and the era of databases and big data

– Internet security and the challenges of social networking sites and their societal and political implications

Space and national sovereignty

Geospatial and information systems technologies

 The fifth axis: Regional and International Conflicts and Disputes and Their Implications for National Security

The Mediterranean and the border and energy struggle

Sahel and Sahara

– The Libyan situation and external interference

– The Middle East and the Arabian Gulf

Sixth Axis: Immigration, Crime and Terrorism, Mechanisms for Enhancing Internal Security and Developing Security Systems for Crossings and Borders

The seventh axis: local and international laws and legislations and their role in strengthening the foundations of national security

We welcome experts, organizations and institutions concerned with the above-mentioned topics to share their ideas and proposals that would contribute to protecting our societies from any  threat.

We also welcome any form of partnership that may contribute to the success of the symposium.



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