Scientific themes

The application of the means of GIS applications, remote sensing and geo-space technology in :

1- water resources management, desertification and agriculture

2 – natural resources management and sustainable development problems

3- Environmental , natural disasters problems
and climate change

4- land management and real estate, infrastructure, networks

5- Tourist areas, sites, historical monuments and archeological sites management

6- Industrial zones management and energy problems

7- Security and defense

8- (Technical theme): standards and geographic data management.

International Symposium:

Use of UAVs: Aerial survey and geomatics engineering

Scientific Topics

  • Platforms, payloads and instruments for photogrammetry and remote sensing,
  • Navigation and position/orientation determination,
  • 3D reconstruction from range sensors,
  • Simultaneous localization and mapping,
  • Sensor and data fusion Monitoring, tracking and change detection,
  • Technology challenges and applications,

International Symposium: Using Geomatics to Study the Impact of Climate Change and its Implications on the Economic and Natural Structure

Scientific Topics

Topic 1 /  Climate Change Impact on the natural,  Economic and Social structure

Topic 2 /  The impact of air pollution over cities

Topic 3 /  Climate Change Impact on infrastructure and urban planning

Topic 4/ Energy and Climate change : Challenges and Perspectives

Topic 5 / Geographic Applications and micro technology Role

International Symposium: GIS and Remote Sensing application in archeology; and management of heritage and touristic resources

First theme: Technological and digital applications in archeological and touristic management

Second theme: Archeological sites and museums’ collections

  • Archeological sites and monuments

The 13 th edition of the congress also includes:

– Workshops supervised by several institutions and international experts

Workshop  1: An international seminar related to contemporary national security challenges under Technological changes and digital world.

Workshop  2: Regional Seminar / Role of Area, Geographical Information Systems and Geographical Names in Achieving Development and Societies Promotion.

Workshop  3: Water and Agricultural Techniques Management in the Arab World.

Workshop  4: Energy Importance and its role in supporting development and creating energy alternatives

Workshop  5: The Role of Geomatics in Risk Reduction and Field Creation

Workshop 6 :Social Economy under the Digital Challenges

Training cycles in the fields of geographic infrastructure, GIS and remote sensing