The 13th edition of the international congress  Geo Tunis
16-20 March 2021 /  Hammamet – Tunisia
Under the slogan:

‘Through geographic infrastructure we build the basics for sustainable development‘

The Tunisian Association of the digital geographic information – T.A.D.G.I – in cooperation with the Euro-Arab Union for Geomatics, is organizing the 13th session of the International congress  Geo Tunis 2021

The application of the means of GIS applications, remote sensing and geo-space technology in solving economic, environmental, social and security problems,

16-20 March 2021 /  Hammamet – Tunisia

In this framework, we are honored to invite you to participate in the scientific and training activities of the 13th edition of Geo Tunis, which is organized in collaboration with international scientific institutions, researchers and academics.

This edition is an opportunity for treating geographic information and its means, including geospace, information system and remote sensing. It is also an opportunity for treating important themes that aim at establishing development basics and trying seriously to find solutions for environmental and community problems.
Hence, after consulting researchers in the field of geospace, GIS and remote sensing, the scientific committee agreed on various themes to be studied, and other technical themes to develop the researchers’ abilities. Hence, the symposium will treat the following themes:
1- water resources management, desertification and agriculture problems
2 – natural resources management and sustainable development problems

3- Environmental , natural disasters problems and climate change

4- land management and real estate, infrastructure, networks

5- Tourist areas, sites, historical monuments and archeological sites management

6- Industrial zones management and energy problems

7- Security and defense

8- (Technical theme): standards and geographic data management.

The 13 th edition of the congress also includes:

– Workshops supervised by several institutions and international experts

Workshop  1: An international seminar related to contemporary national security challenges under Technological changes and digital world.

Workshop  2: Geographic Information Systems , Remote Sensing and their Applications in Archeology.

Workshop  3: International Symposium / Drones Use in Natural Resources Management and Development Plans

Workshop  4: Regional Seminar / Role of Area, Geographical Information Systems and Geographical Names in Achieving Development and Societies Promotion.

Workshop  5: Water and Agricultural Techniques Management in the Arab World.

Workshop  6: Energy Importance and its role in supporting development and creating energy alternatives

Workshop  7: The Role of Geomatics in Risk Reduction and Field Creation

Workshop8: Social Economy under the Digital Challenges

– Training cycles in the fields of geographic infrastructure, GIS and remote sensing
– International International Exhibition

Large international scientific institutions and laboratories will participate in this event. Most of them specialized in the field of providing services , aerial photography , providers of satellite images , radars ,producers ,developers of software and machines, equipments, measurement of space , satellite positioning devices , engineering offices Consulting and various related fields

– Entertaining program including touristic excursions
GeoTunis is supervised by an international scientific body and run by international competencies. This congress is considered as an opportunity for scientists and specialists to meet. Besides, it provides people interested in geospace GIS and remote sensing, with latest findings in these fields. In fact, Geo Tunis is much more than this, it is considered as a training school in the previously mentioned domains; it is also an opportunity for everyone interested in geospace to know about the latest scientific developments, so register now and send us your scientific research papers.
Together with this technology we can save the next generations, control our territory and achieve development.
We invite everyone from around the world to participate in one of the most important international congresses about geospace, GIS, and remote sensing so be in time; you are welcome to the 13th edition of GeoTunis.