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Social Solidarity Economy

The Second International Symposium

 Social and Solidarity Economy and Digital Transformation : Issues, Challenges and Perspectives


The Center for Economic and Social Research and Studies of the U.E.A.G, in cooperation with several institutions, will hold an international symposium on: : The Social and Solidarity Economy and Digital Transformation: Issues, Challenges and Prospects on  March 18-19 2021 in Tunisia

The symposium is in the context of supporting the studies and research related to economic, human and natural geography as an important contribution in the field of achieving sustainable development, contributing to providing societies and countries with solutions to development obstacles and solving social, economic and environmental problems. Through dependence on the social economy and solidarity as a third pillar, alongside the two public sectors, according to the expert Joseph Stiglitz, the integrated management of natural and human resources and sustainable development.

The symposium  will be held as part of the parallel activities of the 13th session of the international Geo Tunis congress from March 16 to 20, 2021

In this context, the U.E.A.Ghas the honor to invite you to participate in the meeting or to provide a scientific intervention to support the symposium and achieve its objectives.

The scientific axes of the symposium are

1 – Sustainable social and solidarity economy

2 – Social and solidarity economy and local and regional development

3 – Creation of startups, individual initiative and entrepreneurship

4 – Social and solidarity economy and social work

5 – Dynamics of SSE projects and reduction of social inequalities

6 – New models of development and social and solidarity economy

7 – Sector development strategies

8 – Social impact of SSE on the economic model

9 – Inclusion and digital transformation of SSEO systems

10 – A comprehensive overview of international HSE experiences

Objectives of the Symposium

The seminar aims to:

– Support studies and research related to the field of the social and solidarity economy and the balance between the objectives of growth and economic development on the one hand and the principles of equity and social justice on the other hand .

– Put Humanity back at the center of the development process and beyond purely economic considerations.

– The search for scientific and practical solutions and scenarios to respond to economic, social and environmental challenges

– Strengthen global and local security through the integrated management of natural and human resources and the achievement of sustainable development.

– Promote geographic studies, especially economic, social and environmental geography.

To participate in the symposium, please contact the organizing committee

  Email: geoconf2@gmail.com  Fax-tel: 0021671245692; mob: 0021621912295