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Thursday 29th August 2013
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Opening ceremony

Minister of Information Technology and Communication, Dr. Monji Marzouk, opened the 7th edition of Geotunis on April 8, 2013. The minister highlighted the role of the Tunisian Association of Digital Geographic Information in the field of GIS as it has a meaningful role in development

Word of minister, Monji Marzouk 

Speakers were: M. Mohamed Ayari  president of congres,General Secretary of National Syndicate of Internal Security Forces, representative of the ministry of interior affairs Mr. Lassaad Dorboz. Shields were distributed during the opening ceremony. The shield of scientific excellence of 2013 was granted to National Mapping and Remote Sensing Center, presented by the general director of the center, who thanked the international committee for granting this shield to the center.

Word of General Director  of the National Mapping and Remote Sensing Center

Best young researchers were also honored. Young Iraqi researcher, Radia Abdallah Jasem was granted the shield of young researcher for her research: Identifying the phenomena of desertification, rain tendency and desertification.

Student BACHIR Mourtala from Niger was granted the same shield for his research: Dynamic of soil occupation through a multi-temporal classification of landsat 5 and 7 images, pouring in the basin of Om Zessar South Tunisia.

At the end of the opening ceremony, the Tunisian Association of Digital geographic Information granted the symbol of the 7th edition to a number of national and international personalities:

  1. 1. Office of Topography and Cadastre
  2. 2. National Syndicate of Internal Security Forces
  3. 3. Dr. Sarkis Fadous , president of Arab Union of Survey
  4. 4. Ryad Baccar- Graduate School of Homeland Security
  5. Nabil Abid advise Council of Arab Ministers of the Interior

Minister, Monji Mrzouk, visited before the opening ceremony, the exhibition in which a number of national and international institutions participated: Office of Topography and Cadastre, National Mapping and Remote Sensing Center, Trimble, StarAPIC and National Syndicate of Internal Security Forces, GeoSP, MADS private university and other institutions.

Beginning of scientific and training activities

Activities of the congress were distributed in five rooms, where many subjects were discussed, the most important ones were:

  • First topic: the optimization of water sources and the problems of the desertification
  • Second topic: optimization of natural resources and sustainable development issues
  • Third topic: Environmental problems and natural disasters
  • Topic Four: The problems of social services and early warning
  • Fifth Topic : (technical issue) criteria and the use of geographic data

Activities were scientifically rich, as 236 hours of scientific activities were distributed throughout three days.


A number of workshops were organized during the congress among which one about the use of GIS:

  1. Geomatics Tools and road management, DR. NECHENICH HOCINE
  2. Presentation of STAR APIC GIS applications and Crafts STAR APIC (Belgium)
  3. The outlook for the application of GIS and remote sensing in the inventory of historical sites / Tunisian Association: Sites and Monuments
  4. GPR tool for the detection and mapping of underground networks (which will make the link with the map, the GIS MDS (France) / PROFESSOR JEROME XAVIER
  5. Case application Geomatics, Drs Mohamed Ajmi, Hamza Mohamed Hafed, Salwa Saidi / Faculty of Sciences of Tunis
  6. The role of ICT investment, Prof. Philippe DUBOIS / SMOKING
  7. Geophysics in Tunisia: Study, Applications and Developments: Faculty of Tunis Research Unit of Applied Geophysics
  8. The digital company 2017
    • Governance of information systems
    • Urbanizations information systems
    • Service management of information technology (ITIL)
    • The geographic information system
    • The security of information system

The study day about the use of GIS in the security sector:

According to the cooperation between the Tunisian Association of Digital Geographic Information and the National Syndicate of Internal security Forces, a study day about the use of GIS in order to improve the security performance was organized. It included scientific works and workshops supervised by stuff from the ministry of internal affairs, the Higher School of Stuff Training, Civil Protection, National Guard, Algerian Space Agency, and the Belgian institution starAPIC.

National Syndicate of Internal security Forces and Higher School of Stuff Training cooperated in the organization of the training and scientific sessions, this cooperation is the first of its kind as security stuff, school students and stuff participated in the Geotunis congress activities. Participants appreciated this participation and the well organized security agents’ presence in different sessions.

Closure ceremony

The scientific activities were closed on April 10 2013. A number of participants were present during this ceremony during which scientific council members delivered the closing ceremony speech and the congress’ recommendations.


Certificates of gratitude and appreciation were granted to participating institutions and the scientific council members who contributed in the success of this edition, they were also granted in appreciation for the role of Tunisian Association of Digital Geographic Information, the congress organizing committee and the role Mr. Mohamed AYARI, president of the congress, as he was awarded shields and medals from different institutions.

The association was honored by the Palestinian authority in Gaza by putting a scarf as gift from the president of the Palestinian government in Gaza, Mr. Ismail Hanya, in addition to a shield from the Palestinian authority.

The Arab Union of Survey granted its shield and a 3D map to the association, by Dr. Kaled Nabout and Dr. Srkis Fadous

  • Shield of Bagdad a capital of Arab culture granted to Mr. Mohamed AYARI
  • Shield of Anbar University
  • Shield of Desert Study Center in Iraq
  • Shield of Nasan University
  • In addition to other shields, medals and precious awards

Participants visit The National Center Mapping And Remote Sensing

Participants visit The Office Of The Topography And Of The Land

Animation program and Nautical visit





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