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LAICO (5 stars) hotel prices including breakfast, lunch and dinner

Single room: 70 $/ 1 night

Double room: 100 $/ 1 night

Full-board Plan for one person during four nights and four days of the congress (from 26 to 30 April 2016): 350 $

Full-board Plan for two persons in a double room during four nights and four days of the congress (from 26 to 30 April 2016): 500 $


  • A night is counted from 12 p.m(Midday) of the first day and leaving before 12 p.m of the second day
  • Participants can overstay with the same offered prices
  • Booking should be made through the same travel agency that we contracting with, to guarantee the  differentiated prices mentioned above
  • The reception committee from the Tunisian Association of Digital geographic Information will receive you at the Tunis Carthage Airport and transport you to Hammamet. We need you to inform us of the date and hour of your arrival, the flight number and the airline company that will fly with.

Hotel Laico Hammamet

Hotel Laico Hammamet & RESORTS – HAMMAMET


Touristic Zone Yasmin
8050 Hammamet
Tel : +216 72 240 666
Email : reservations.laicohammamet@laicohotels.com
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Navettes et Transports

Navette Aéroport Tunis Carthage > Congrès (Hammamet) 

Le premier jour et le dernier jour du congrès, nous organisons des navettes entre l’aéroport de Tunis Carthage et le lieu de la conférence (Yasmine Hammamet).

Location de voitures :

Il est possible de louer des voitures directement à votre arrivée à l’aéroport international de Tunis Carthage.

Taxis : 


Liste d’hôtels partenaires de geotunis 2016 :

  • Royal Hotel Hammamet
  • Hotel
  • Hotel
  • Hotel
  • Hotel

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